Dragon City

Your Second Home In The Metaverse

Dragon City is dedicated to rekindling ancient myths and tales while celebrating and preserving the rich tapestry of Chinese history and culture. Fusing cutting-edge technology with a visionary dream for the future, Dragon City endeavors to craft a virtual world that will be cherished as a second home for all who venture within.

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Dragon City District


Dragon City, established on the decentralized virtual reality platform Decentraland since 2019, stands as one of the largest and most vibrant community districts within the Decentraland metaverse. Over the years, it has played host to a myriad of successful events, including Metaverse Fashion Week, festive celebrations, music and art performances, and more. Renowned as the epicenter of Chinese tradition and culture, Dragon City is a thriving hub for the metaverse community.


• Bring the virtual and real worlds closer
• Offer a welcoming home for all in the metaverse


• Build a vibrant immersive world that unlocks the potential of blockchain technology
• Empower a vibrant community through shared joy of discovery, creativity and opportunity

A Cultural Haven and Futuristic Exploration

Dragon City is a virtual city built on the decentralized virtual reality platform Decentraland. This vibrant community district materialized through the collaborative efforts of numerous individuals worldwide, with a generous contribution of 3,575 parcels of LAND. Today, Dragon City stands tall as one of Decentraland's premier and highly coveted communities, offering a unique and sought-after virtual experience.Positioned as a distinguished cultural hub within the expansive landscape of Decentraland, Dragon City holds steadfast in its commitment to the celebration and preservation of Chinese traditional culture. Beyond this, Dragon City boldly ventures into uncharted territories, dedicating itself to the visionary exploration of the future of human society. In essence, Dragon City serves as not just a virtual space but a dynamic intersection where culture, tradition, and innovation converge, creating a rich and immersive experience for its diverse global community.

Ancient Wisdom and Modern Architecture

The architectural blueprint of Dragon City draws its inspiration from the ancient Chinese philosophy of 'Wuji generates Taiji, Taiji generates two complementary forces, two complementary forces generate four aggregates, four aggregates generate eight trigrams.' This profound concept aligns harmoniously with the binary principles of contemporary computing, wherein Taiji's Yin embodies '0,' and its Yang counterpart embodies '1.'Embracing this philosophy, the 3,575 parcels of LAND are meticulously organized into a structured system with three distinct tiers: Wuji-Taiji, Four Symbols, and Bagua. These tiers seamlessly weave together in ten major areas, offering a versatile and engaging space where individuals can partake in a multitude of activities, be it for business, entertainment, social interaction, and more. Dragon City represents a union of ancient wisdom and modern technology, a dynamic metaverse that bridges cultural traditions and cutting-edge innovation.

Embark on the Infinite

The future is synonymous with limitless horizons, and Dragon City, also known as Dragon City (Genesis), marks only the initial step on our extraordinary journey. As we progress with our visionary projects, an entire constellation of cities will emerge within the Dragon universe. Each of these virtual realms will serve as a canvas for our shared creativity, reshaping the very fabric of our reality.In close collaboration with our vibrant community, we hold the conviction that these virtual landscapes will enrich the lives of countless individuals, bridging the gap between the virtual and the tangible. They will become enchanted domains where reality and virtuality converge, repositories transcending the constraints of time and space, and above all, a welcoming second home for all who dare to dream and explore.

Dragon City

A: Wuji Island, Dark City
B: Beibei - ArchVerse, MeetVerse
C: MVFW, Art, Fashion
D: Dragon Live
E: MoonLand
F: Meta Opera
G: FantasticLand
H: Miscellaneous


A Home for All Dragon Descendants

Connect with our Dragon City community through sharing, collaborating and exchanging ideas. More than just a virtual space, Dragon City is a collective home - a sanctuary cultivating friendship and shaping a brighter future together.


Crafting the Metaverse

Ever dreamt of designing your own virtual world? Dragon City invites talented designers, skilled builders and innovative developers to join our creative team. Together, let's pool our skills to construct an innovative and imaginative metaverse experience.


Uniting Diverse Strengths

Dragon City extends an open invitation to prospective partners across industries. Collaborate with us to cultivate an abundant metaverse embracing diverse cultures. Forging lasting alliances to unlock boundless possibilities ahead.


Investing in Our Collective Future

Dragon City welcomes sponsor support for sustainable innovation. Together, let's shape a future where emerging technologies and initiatives uplift communities globally. Join us in this exciting journey - your support powers positive impact in the virtual world.


Creation by Metaverse Labs
© 2024 Dragon City. All Rights Reserved.

Our Projects


Metaverse Fashion Week

For two consecutive years in 2022 and 2023, Dragon City, as an official partner of Decentraland, has been the proud host of MVFW Asia. With comprehensive technical backing from Metaverse Labs, this event has forged partnerships with esteemed fashion brands and renowned designers, garnering exceptional reception and achieving remarkable success.


Idol Girl Group Virtual Party

SNH48, the Chinese idol girl group, hosted a virtual extravaganza in Dragon City, celebrating the Chinese New Year with their fans. The event featured interactive games, a mesmerizing concert, and direct engagement with the idols within the metaverse. The party was a resounding success, creating an overwhelming and unforgettable experience for all attendees.


Urban Landscape Reproduction

China Academy of Art x Dragon City project: the meticulous reproduction of the urban landscape plan of Beibei from the 1930s and 1940s. Participants have the unique opportunity to virtually explore iconic landmarks in the history of modern urban planning in China. This event stands as a profoundly meaningful contribution to both culture and history.


Rural Life & Culture Preservation

ArchVerse, an extension of the 'Beibei' project, is a collaborative initiative involving the China Academy of Arts' Network Society Research Institute, the MetaDAO group, Metaverse Labs, and dedicated metaverse enthusiasts. Our mission is to creatively preserve and celebrate the essence of Chinese rural life and culture, transforming history into a dynamic gateway that bridges the past, present, and future.


Immersive Virtual Music Party

MeetVerse Party, hosted in Dragon City, is an immersive online music event where participants create spontaneous sounds through interactions. These sounds sync with the main stage's music and are captured by a 'collective radio' within the virtual universe, disrupting the traditional authority of the main stage in sound production. This approach results in a captivating and dynamic 'soundscape' for all participants to enjoy.


Crypto Art Week Asia

Crypto Art Week Asia (CAWA) emerged with a profound commitment to empower and advocate for artists across Asia. The initiative came to life as a platform dedicated to supporting the vibrant artistic community in the region. A significant milestone unfolded at the Dragon City MetaArt Gallery, where 26 accomplished artists joined forces, bringing forth a remarkable collection of 100 diverse and captivating artworks.


Metaverse Theme Park

FantasticLand stands as an innovative and groundbreaking metaversal theme park. With a seamless integration of music, art, and live performances, this visionary space is meticulously crafted to be a haven of entertainment. FantasticLand becomes a sanctuary for those seeking an escape from the constraints of everyday life, inviting visitors into a realm where creativity knows no bounds and every moment is a celebration of fun and enjoyment.

Hanfu Museum

Chinese Cultural Fashion Exhibition

The Hanfu Museum presents a captivating display of Chinese cultural fashion designs, showcasing the works of renowned and influential fashion designers from China. With a focus on delivering profound cultural messages, it seeks to make a lasting impact within the metaverse, bridging the realms of tradition and contemporary style.

Chinese New Year

Global CNY Celebrations

Since 2019, Dragon City annually hosts vibrant Chinese New Year celebrations featuring quest challenges, interactive games, music concerts, enchanting lion dance performances, and more. Enthusiastic participants from various corners of the world wholeheartedly engage in this significant Chinese cultural event, uniting to celebrate, connect, and share in the festivities on a global scale.

Dragon Boat Festival

Venom Queen Performance

Venom Queen made her captivating dance debut during the Dragon Boat Festival. This marked the premiere and singular instance of an avatar dance performance with live dashboard control ever witnessed in the metaverse, setting an unparalleled benchmark. The show garnered critical acclaim from both the enthralled audience and the developer community, leaving an indelible and unforgettable mark on all who experienced it.

Mid-Autumn Festival

Magical Tradition Enchantment

Embark on a metaverse journey like never before, celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival. This immersive experience features the legendary Chang'e, charming Jade Rabbit, and delightful mooncakes. It's a tradition reimagined in the virtual realm, engaging with age-old customs in a whole new way. Discover a world of enchantment, celebrating this cherished festival with a fresh perspective.

Dragon Art

NFT Marketplace

Dragon Art, born from Dragon City, is a pioneering NFT marketplace connecting creators, curators, and collectors. It's a dynamic platform where creativity gains visibility and value. All pieces on Dragon Art come from the vibrant Dragon City community, positioning it as a leading community-centric NFT marketplace in the web3 creator economy.

Dragon Live

Live Streaming

Dragon Live: Your dynamic hub for live conferences, engaging discussions, and insightful web3 news. Collaborating with various influential figures like Vitalik, we deliver resonant, meaningful content. With live interactions and comprehensive coverage, Dragon Live is your beacon for staying at the forefront of web3 innovation—a curated space for knowledge exchange and connection.


Web3 Competition Platform

MetaJam is a worldwide competition platform designed to foster innovation within the metaverse. It aims to honor and celebrate creators while fostering a culture of creativity. MetaJam provides a stage for everyone to showcase their talents and shine in the realm of virtual innovation.

Dragon DAO

Dragon DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that stewards the Dragon Metaverse. CHI is the governance token of DragonDAO.
In the crypto-economic design, DragonDAO will hold 48% of the genesis supply of CHI tokens. It will be split equally into three parts, each accounting for 16%:
• Dragon X, a Dragon community treasury vault;
• Dragon Y, as an incentive to build the metaverse system called "MeFi";
• Dragon Z, for future development, to build a system combined with MeFi and NFT.
DragonDAO will be officially launched on-chain after the first DAO constitution is voted on by the community members.

Dragon X

What is Dragon X?

Dragon X is one of the most important components of Dragon DAO. The concept of design is to create the Treasury of Dragon DAO. The mission is to secure capital operation for the long term and minimize risk at the market level or other unpredictable risks at the same time to support the growth and development of Dragon City.
In a nutshell, Dragon X is to explore the huge potentials of the Metaverse for Dragon City. Our goal is to build a community-governed fund to foster a community in the Metaverse.

Purpose of Dragon X

• A fund to support Dragon development;
• Support the growth of the Dragon Ecosystem;
• Grants to foster the Metaverse startups;
• Future contributor incentives;
• Protocol mergers & talent acquisitions;
• Co-operation across the ecosystem in the Metaverse;
• Stabilize CHI.

Where does the fund come from?

16% of the total genesis supply of CHI tokens;
• Reinvestment to potential projects in the Metaverse;
• Income from the community projects eg. NFT platform, MeFi...
• and more...

When to start?

One year later after the launch of the $CHI token and Dragon DAO, to be decided by the community.

Who controls Dragon X‘s fund?

Dragon X, like Dragon DAO itself, will finally hand out to the community in the development of the second stage. Every holder of $CHI can vote on what the upcoming DAO does. Before the DAO governance system starts, the team will hold this multi-sig wallet.

Dragon Y

What is Dragon Y?

Dragon Y's goal is to design a Metaverse DeFi-NFT system, an incentive to innovate the long-term metaverse system building for the CHI holders.

Where do we Yield the values?

In our minds, there are huge opportunities for the metaverse space in the coming future. What Dragon Y would do include:
• Build a Lend/Borrow platform;
• Reward the participants of the Metaverse system;
• and more...

When does Dragon Y launch?

Next phrase, no timeline, at least one year after Dragon DAO governance token's launch. It totally depends on the progress of development.

Dragon Z

Dragon Z (meaning Zeitgeist) will be the important component design of Dragon Metaverse. We think the Metaverse is still in its infancy. It has huge potential for changing our society by developing public goods. This will be in our long-term planning.
The details of Dragon Z are still under research. More information will be provided as soon as we are ready. Dragon Z would be the third stage in the roadmap.

Our destination?

The Metaverse!


Communities > Companies in a TRUE Metaverse

We believe that a true metaverse should be collectively created and owned by its builders, which means that it should not have a centralized power structure. All stakeholders ought to have the right to participate in value creation and value distribution.
DAO's trustless governance structure allows everyone, not just a few people, to participate in the decision-making process. The openness, transparency, and immutability of smart contracts can greatly reduce the need for intermediaries that might compromise decentralized decision-making.
In addition, it allows for greater respect for human spontaneity and self-agency, where each person's value judgment determines why and how she contributed to a community and what corresponding rewards she expected to receive. It is driven by highly aligned values, rather than traditional top-down corporate rules, that people from different backgrounds and geographies connect and collaborate with each other in a community.
DAO has the potential to connect the increasingly atomized individuals and build a more open and equal metaverse in the future.

Reconstructing Civic Life for Ourselves

When we participate in civic life, we need to be part of a collective and community that is involved in the governance of public affairs, working together towards a common goal and making an ideal city possible.
In order to build a city we all want to live in, members of the community need to raise issues openly, make sure everyone is informed, and give others the right to voice their opinions, participate in the voting process, and engage with fellow citizens in respectful and positive ways.
While in reality, most of us may not have the opportunity or ability to be civically engaged in society. We are either too busy with daily life to devote enough time to volunteer activities, or we have become so accustomed to passively accepting the environment we are in that we gradually lose confidence in reshaping our city with others.
By running a DAO, we have the opportunity to learn how to engage and refine our civic life. We hope it would finally influence how we react to and participate in real-life public affairs.

An Experiment to Optimize Human Coordination

We have witnessed the application of DAO in some excellent projects such as Moloch and Gitcoin, which have largely revolutionized the coordination model and provided direction for us to build a community dedicated to public goods. DAO is still in its infancy. We still need a lot of research, Trial and error, and there will be many possibilities waiting to be explored.

How It Works

DAO Constitution

Dragon DAO Constitution will clarify some of the basic principles of DAO governance and the basic rights of the stakeholders, participants, and the general membership of the Dragon community. It will be initiated and drafted by the community, for the community. The community members will vote on its adoption as the principle of Dragon DAO. It's our constitution of Dragon Metaverse.

Quadratic Voting

The concept of Quadratic Voting (QV) comes from the 2018 book Radical Markets by Eric Posner, a Professor of Law at the University of Chicago, and Glen Weyl, senior principal researcher at Microsoft. It is a collective decision-making procedure that is a cross between one-dollar-one-vote and one-person-one-vote schemes. Voters are able to express not only their preferences but also the extent of their preferences through the allocation of votes. This type of voting solves the "free ride" problem and ensures that individual interests and the maximization of social welfare are aligned.
A QV system will be embedded into DAO governance in the future, to make collective decision-making more equitable for the public good.
Learn more: https://quadraticfinance.com/


Born for a Community-driven Metaverse

Chi is to be inherent in all things.
Starting with it, a brand-new decentralized system and a metaverse-native community will be growing by leveraging blockchain technology.
Our vision is to build an open metaverse via CHI.
What you are witnessing is the birth of a star, a sort of genesis.

About CHI

A Metaverse Token

CHI token, designed as a utility token, is firstly introduced into DragonDAO to be acted as a governance token. It follows the ERC-20 standard with a capped supply of 10 billion. With our long-term vision, it will unleash its potential in the future to power a decentralized metaverse. CHI also acts as the fundamental infrastructure design of Dragon Metaverse, a shared metaverse space for the Dragon Community built on the Dragon Cites.
CHI cannot be treated as any money or financial currency or valued security in the real world and the real economics, CHI is just a governance tool for our ongoing building of open metaverse: Dragon


CHI, being created to support our long-term vision, is with a capped supply of 10 billion.


66% of the CHI supply will be allocated to the community, of which
• 3.26% will be allocated for community building, including grants/events/community support, as an incentive for the ecosystem building;
• 14.74% will be airdropped to Dragon City (Genesis) contributors, active participants of the Dragon City community, Decentraland district contributors, and LAND/ESTATE holders;
• 48% will be allocated to the DragonDAO.

The remaining supply will be locked for one year since launch, of which
• 7% will be kept for our long-term supporters, including investors and advisors;
• 27% will be allocated to the team.


The holders of CHI tokens will have the right to decide how the Dragon ecosystem develops. They are encouraged to join the Dragon community and participate in the development of the technical infrastructure, content, culture, etc. of Dragon Metaverse. In more detail, this includes the following areas:
• Co-management of DAO treasury;
• MeFi, to build a metaverse system;
• Dragon.Art, a community-centered NFT art marketplace.

Who Can Claim The Airdrop?

You will be eligible for claiming CHI tokens if you meet one of the following requirements:• If you are the original LAND contributor to Dragon City (Genesis);
• If you are a DCL Private LAND / Estate holder;
• If you are a contributor to other DCL districts;
• If you are a participant in Dragon City (Genesis) events;
• If you have purchased the wearable NFTs of Dragon City (Genesis).
In addition, you will receive the following EXTRA CHI token rewards if you are:• A LAND contributor who did not claim DCT: 100,000 tokens per LAND contributed;
• A LAND contributor who is holding DCT: 100 tokens per DCT held;
• DCT other holders: 100 CHI per DCT held.

Official Links & Addresses

$CHI Smart Contracts: 0xE61a4c119408ecD8764b6DCf877f6b4c07A21EE4Website: https://dragon.xyz


• DO NOT interact with the DCT smart contract after our whitelist is created, or you will miss the opportunity to claim your CHI airdrop.
• DO NOT transfer or exchange your DCT tokens after our whitelist is created, or you will miss the opportunity to claim your CHI airdrop.
• DCT tokens (launched by the former operator of Dragon City on Decentraland) will not be able to circulate in the Dragon ecosystem, and DCT will not play any role in the future Dragon community.
• Contributors will have 2 years to claim their tokens since the CHI launched, after which any remaining tokens might be sent to the DragonDAO treasury via voting by the community.
• The airdrop snapshot time is 2022/04/09 19:00 (UTC+8).


CHI is NOT a currency, having no economic value. It is a governance token used to oversee the Dragon Metaverse ecosystem.

Dragon Pass

Your Metaverse ID

What is Dragon Pass

Dragon Pass is a metaverse identity system that represents the official "metazenship" in Dragon Metaverse, including Dragon Cities.Dragon Pass is a Non-Fungible Token that follows the ERC-721 standard. If you hold a Dragon Pass, it means you are one of the owners of Dragon Metaverse. The rights you may have included but are not limited to:• Your Identity of Dragon Metaverse;
• Access to the exclusive locations in Dragon Metaverses for community events, in both virtual and real-world;
• Priority access to Dragon.Art NFT airdrops and giveaways;
• Access to exclusive community Discord channels;
• and more...

How to get it?

There are two ways to get a Dragon Pass:1. If you are the original LAND contributors of Dragon City (Genesis) or a DCT token holder before our airdrop snapshot, then congrats, you are the Founding Metazen which means can claim your Dragon pass for free.
2. If you are not a contributor, you can purchase it after we launch it.

Design & Allocation

To be announced.

When Dragon Pass?

Stay tuned!